This Book: "120 Jubilees" Is Not About Doctrine.
It does not matter what religion you are;
because the Jubilee Cycle is simply a verifiable historical fact.
"120 Jubilees" is about presenting you with the historical documentation, and the monumental ramifications.

This book: "120 Jubilees" is a historical research summary, written for the average person to understand.
Everyone needs to read this book.

As it turns out, the final Jubilee Cycle is happening right now !
Everyone Needs To Know This

The Second Temple Era Lunar Calendar

Reconstructed From Astronomical and Historical Data

Pick The Topic Selection To Read:

The Observed Lunar Calendar, in Brief with Links (PDF)

The Historical Evidence, The Primary 44 Page Observed Lunar Calendar Presentation (PDF)

The Enoch Calendar with Synchronization (PDF)

Explaining the Jubilee Cycle Using Pictures (PDF)

Dates For 2021 (PDF)

The "Spring-Passover-Rule" Was Never Used ! (PDF)

The Ancient Hebrews Had Two Kinds of "Yooms" (PDF)

Examination of All "Close-Calls" Shows They Never Allowed Nisan in Winter
Nor Atonement in Summer !

The Elephantine Double Dated Letters (PDF)

More About The Elephantine Temple of YHWH (PDF)

Example Of Doing An Analysis Of An Artifact (VAT 4956A, BC 568) (PDF)

Reconstruction of King Reigns (based on astronomical data) (PDF)

Month-by-Month Reconstruction From BC 531 to BC 377 BC (PDF)

The Hillel II Calendar Was Not Used Previously (Webpage)

Other Hillel II Questions and Answers (Webpage)

Historical Evidence Against Using Barley To Determine The New Year (PDF)

Deep Analysis for New Crescent Observation: Only From Jerusalem, or Locally, or Regionally, or Globally (PDF)

Show The Chronology of Herod (Web Page)