This Book: "120 Jubilees" Is Not About Doctrine.
It does not matter what religion you are;
because the Jubilee Cycle is simply a verifiable historical fact.
"120 Jubilees" is about presenting you with the historical documentation, and the monumental ramifications.

This book: "120 Jubilees" is a historical research summary, written for the average person to understand.
Everyone needs to read this book.

As it turns out, the final Jubilee Cycle is happening right now !
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About The Book "120 Jubilees"

The Creation Jubilee Timeline

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Wayne Atchison
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Description: This is a definitive work, bringing information from many sources together, demonstrating that the ancient scribes counted time using the same pattern of Sabbatical Years. Every date used to demonstrate the pattern is verifiable to be certain. All dates line-up perfectly to reveal the same (7 by 7) 49-year Jubilee pattern (cycles).

Daniel 12 tells us that in the end days knowledge will be increased. This is what I have done. I have researched and accumulated enough objective, verifiable, historical records to nail down the Timeline of the Jubilees Cycle started at Creation. Historical references to the Jubilee Cycle which could not be dated with absolute certainty are not even mentioned in this book. Everyone can be confident that each data point is fully documented, and its year-date can be verified with 100% certainty. This certainty means that the dates for all Sabbatical Years are now known.

Over the years I have read scores of papers and books claiming insights into Bible prophecy based on a 50-year Jubilee cycle. Such prophecy speculations are baseless, since the Sabbatical Years and the Jubilee Cycle is 49 years. But until now I could not prove it. This book gives you the research and documentation demonstrating why there is no doubt.

The book is written for the average person to read and understand. It is only mildly technical. Because there is so much technical material supporting this reconstructed Timeline, and in order to keep the book simple to read, all of the technical calculations, the documentation, and research details are placed on the website, and can be reviewed by logging in as a Member.
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Once I found enough objective, verifiable, historical records to ensure that the Creation Jubilees Timeline could not be shifted, not even by one year, I then started to look for significant historical events that were separated by counting the 49-year cycles.

It was then that the Genesis 6:3 and Daniel 9:24 prophecies came alive.
I had already known that it was a linguistic-possibility that the Hebrew Text could be interpreted as counting off 120 and 70 Jubilee Cycles. Further, the Hebrew Text of Genesis 6:3 does not say that 120 Cycles is the "End of Time". Rather, the Hebrew Text says something quite different, and very significant. With the Jubilee Cycle Timeline being nailed down, it became apparent that both prophecies are ending now, in this current 121st Jubilee Cycle. I therefore included this vital information too.

You Get a Vast Amount of Historical Research and Documentation: When you buy the book, you become a member. As a member have access to hundreds of historical quotations and ancient data points. The data points used to establish the Creation Jubilee Cycle are not dependent upon knowing which calendar system the ancient scribes used. Even so, the historical documentation and astronomical sightings which demonstrate the rules for the Observed Lunar Calendar used by the Second Temple priests are also included.

As an example of the importance of this calendar documentation:
The current Jewish Calendar (the Hillel II Calendar) allows the first month of Nisan to begin in winter. However, the Hebrew Observed Lunar Calendar does not. This is known because the Observed Lunar Calendar used by the priests of the Second Temple is very well documented.

An example of just one of the many historical quotations:
FROM THE CANONS OF ANATOLIUS ON THE EASTER FESTIVAL [circa 350 A.D.] " ... that attention must be given not only to the course of the moon and the transit of the equinox, but also to the passage (transcensum) of the sun...
... For this reason I am convinced that those who place the first month in it [context is that of starting Nisan while the sun is still in winter], and fix the Paschal 'fourteenth day' accordingly, make no trivial or common blunder. This is not my own suggestion: the Jews were aware of the fact long ago, even before Christ's time, and observed it carefully.
We can learn it from the statements of Philo, Josephus, and Musacus, and not them only but still earlier writers, the two Agathobuli, famous as the teachers of Aristobulus the Great. He was one of the Seventy who translated [the Septuagint]...
... But that the first month among the Hebrews is about the equinox, is clearly shown also by what is taught in the book of Enoch.

The debated-context of this above historical quote is refuting the idea that the month of Nisan can ever begin in winter.
This quote directly states that such an idea was never part of the Lunar Calendar used by those of antiquity (authority), not then, and not even 200 years before the time of the Messiah.

You will be amazed at the number of direct historical references and data points that exist, nailing down the rules for the "Observed Lunar Calendar of the Second Temple".

It took years to accumulate all of these references, and you will have all of this research just by buying this book.
Another Book, "The Beast with Seven Heads and You"
The Revelation 13 Beast Identified From the Historical Evidence:
"The Beast With Seven Heads and You":
The Worship of The Beast of Revelation 13 is "All Around You", right now!

The Beast is not a man. The Beast has Seven Heads! The Beast is the pervasive worldwide system of the "Seven Schools of Thought" of The Great Dragon, the Adversary of YHWH.

The names, titles, and symbols we see around us are meant to tell us something. We see symbols on church buildings, and we sing songs using special names and titles. If you do not know what a name, title, or a symbol really means, then you cannot be forewarned. By having an understanding of the names, titles, and symbols used to signal the worship of The Great Dragon, his Priesthood, and his agents, you can be forewarned that something around you is just not right. Ultimately you must understand what "The Lie" is.

This is fully referenced historical research, presented in layman's terms.
This information has never been presented before!
This information is current, unique, astonishing, and very impactful.
The "666" and "Mark of the Beast" are identified from ancient sources, and the ramifications are much worse than you think!  

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  Reading this book is a "MUST" for everyone who is Religious.
Another Book, The Seventh Circle In Bible Prophecy:    Seventh Circle In Bible Prophecy
"The Seventh Circle in Bible Prophecy, Astronomy and the Prophetic Timelines of the Bible":
This fully referenced research book demonstrates how and why using the concept of counting circles within circles is the ancient method used to count time. The Biblical riddles found in the book of Revelation are explained by using this ancient method of counting time.
For example: the seventh circle is the answer to the riddle of Revelation 17:8 wherein "The Beast" is described as:
"...which was, and is not, and notwithstanding it is, and is an eighth, and is of the seven".
This book is foundational to understanding how astronomy is the basis for understanding the prophecies of the Creator.

As soon as the Creator ordained that the sun, moon, and stars should be used to mark the passing of time, the ancient science of Astronomy was born. Just as the study of Astronomy reveals the secrets of measuring the heavenly objects and the four seasons, so does this same mathematical order explain the roots of geometry and the counting of time using the Seventh Circle.

Imagine if it were discovered that the heavens revealed a mathematically ordered relationship that was directly tied to the prophecies in the Bible. Imagine if that relationship was so strong, that there could be no possibility of the relationship occurring by random chance. This fully documented reference work describes this direct relationship between the mathematical order found in the heavens and the major prophecies found in the Bible.

This relationship reveals why the numbers 7, 8, 49, and 50 are used throughout the Bible. It explains why circles have 360 degrees, why hours have 60 minutes, and why the Hebrews used 1,080 parts per hour. It reveals how many years are in the Creator's "day", how many years are in an "age", and the four "ages" of the Creator's plan. This book solves the riddles of Revelation's "Little Scroll", the "Mark of the Beast", and the "Second Advent".

All this and more are directly derived from the science of Astronomy and the Seventh Circle Method of counting time.

This reference work is totally unique, and will be one of the most valued books in your library.
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"120 Jubilees"
The Creation Jubilee Timeline
Reconstructed From Historical Data
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