The Jubilee Timeline Reconstructed From Historical Data

Archeological records have pinpointed the exact dates for the Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles.

"120 Jubilees"

Is Not About Doctrine.
It does not matter what religion you are.

The Sabbatical and Jubilee Cycles are simply a verifiable historical fact.

"120 Jubilees" is about presenting you with the historical documentation,
and the monumental ramifications.

"120 Jubilees" is a historical research summary, written for the average person to understand.

The final Jubilee Cycle is happening right now !

And Everyone Needs To Know This . . .

120 Jubilees

The Sabbatical Cycles Started at Creation

This is a definitive work, using only verifiable historical records, demonstrating the historical fact of the Creation Jubilees Cycle.

The Fact Is That Jubilee Years Exist

Leviticus 25:8 "You must count off seven weeks of years, seven times seven years... forty-nine years... You must sound the loud horn blast in the seventh month on the tenth day... you must consecrate the fiftieth year... that year will be your Jubilee..."

This book gives you the historical facts showing when the Jubilee and Sabbatical Cycles occurred.

Verifiable Historical Research

Not all historical references to a Sabbatical Year can be verified with 100% certainty. Using these dates is merely a guess, based on assumptions and could-be scenarios. Many have tried to use such uncertain references to proclaim they have found a Sabbatical Year Cycle. This book throws away such uncertain references.

This Timeline only uses those historical references that are 100% certain as to the year they occurred. From ancient edicts, to coins, to grave stones, this book puts it all together, and everything is documented.

All of the verifiable historical references match to the exact same Sabbatical Year pattern. This book itemizes these verifiable historical references, using common English for the average person to understand.

There are scores of books claiming insights into Bible prophecy based on a 50-year Jubilee Cycle. Such prophecy speculations are baseless, since the Sabbatical Years and the Jubilee Cycle is 49 years. This book gives you the historical documentation demonstrating this fact.

This Book Is For Everyone

The Creator of Heaven and Earth commands Israel to keep the Sabbatical Year Cycle and the Jubilee Years. It is unwise to think that the Creator has forgotten His own cycle, and when these Jubilee Years happen. The Creator's timelines do not stop just because you do not know when they are. This book nails down the fact of the Creator's ongoing Sabbatical Year Cycle. Now we know exactly when will be the next Sabbatical Year and Jubilee Year in His plan.

This Book Explains What You Need To Know

The Jubilee Cycle is the never-ending pattern of counting seven-sevens of years.
The Jubilee Cycle started at Creation, and just keeps counting.
This book reconstructs the Creation Jubilee Cycle used throughout history by ancient scribes and historians from Europe to Asia Minor.
Historical records which cannot be dated with 100% certainty are not even mentioned in this book. There are no speculative dates as:

Every date used is fully verified
to be 100% certain
with full documentation

    Answered in this Book:
  • What Is The Date of Creation?
  • What Is The Date of Noah's Flood?
  • What Is The Date of The Exodus?
  • What Is The Date of The Destruction of Solomon's Temple?
  • What Is The Date of The Rebuilding of the Second Temple?
  • What Is The Date of The Next Jubilee Year?
  • That October 11, 2016 Started the Last 7-Year Cycle!
  • Why Ezra's Jubilee Cycle Is Different Than The Creation Jubilee Cycle.
  • How The Pre-Flood's '1656 Years' Matches the '1307 Years' in The Book of Jubilees.
  • That The '5500 Times' Prophecy in the Book of "Adam and Eve" ends before the next Jubilee.
Plus many other significant events that were all dated using the Jubilee Cycle.

If it seems incredible, that these dates are finally known with certainty, then understand the significance of using only 100% verifiable historical dates!

This Timeline is certain, because each date referenced is verified with certainty, and all dates line-up exactly!
After reading all of the historical evidence, you too will say:
"It is what it is"!

This book presents the historical evidence of the Jubilees Cycle in layman's language, and is very easy to understand. The 120 Jubilees book includes a website, which provides the huge volume of research, the historical references, the proofs, and the technical calculations.



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There are enough objective and verifiable historical records to demonstrate that this Jubilee Timeline cannot be shifted in either direction, not even by one year.

With the Creation Jubilees Timeline firmly established, what becomes evident is that we are indeed living in the last days.

Lost in the traditional translations of the Bible is that Genesis 6:3 and Daniel 9:24 are prophecies having a dual reference to Jubilee Cycles.

This book also provides evidence that both of these prophecies will end in this current Jubilee Cycle. Because of this vital new evidence, everyone needs to read this book!

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120 Jubilees and the Sabbatical Cycles

"120 Jubilees" is a definitive work, demonstrating the historical Timeline
of the Jubilee Cycle started at Creation.

Reconstructed From Only Verifiable Historical Data.

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